Saturday, March 21, 2009

Deciding What To Write -- Revisited

Okay, so after my last post I was all gung-ho. I was going to stay with what I was writing, see it through to the end, stick with what I was passionate about, what I was hearing in my heart. And I did - I wrote two more chapters and was really getting back into it.

Then . . . I received the March 2009 issue of HipLit, HarperTeen's e-newsletter featuring new books, series, etc. I read about a new series they are releasing that sounds WAY too similar to my book. UGH! In an already saturated market, I am afraid I don't stand a chance with my plot as is.

Thus, I have decided to shelve my manuscript - at least until I can come up with a way to make my plot drastically different than anything out there right now. In the mean time, I think I will focus on my MG ghost story that has been sitting patiently awaiting revision for about five years!

So, I bid farewell (for now) to Simon and Kat in Wendigo Blood, and say hello to Julia in Nana's Ghost. Please, no tears or dirges, they will return again - I can never leave my stories shelved for too long!


Breanna said...

Finally! I have been waiting and waiting for you to do more with Nana's Ghost it's always been my favorite (well it's also the only one I've read.) but yeah so I'm glad my telepathic advice finally reached you.

Jacqui said...

Can't wait to see it. Bummer about the other one, though.

Diane T said...

Sometimes it just seems events conspire against something you're writing, doesn't it? Good thing you have another to work on. If you have the ideas, you can just put Butt In Chair and manufacture the motivation. Like: my group wants to see it!

Laura Ellen said...

I've been receiving those telepathic vibes, Breanna! And Jacqui and Diane, I'm sure you'll see Wendigo again, at least in group (crit that is, not therapy!)